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Sector: Basic Materials
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Founded in 1882, Cabot Corporation is a global performance materials company, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Our primary products are rubber and specialty grade carbon blacks, inkjet colorants, fumed metal oxides, aerogel, tantalum and related products, and cesium formate drilling fluids, among others.

Our products are based on technical expertise and innovation in one or more of our three core competencies: making and handling very fine particles; modifying the surfaces of very fine particles to alter their functionality; and designing particles to impart specific properties to a composite. We focus on creating particles with the composition, morphology, surface functionalities, and formulations to support existing and emerging applications for our global business-to-business customer base.


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2009 Annual Report
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Message from the President
(Excerpt from Sustainability Matters Report)

Cabot CEO image"Drive to Zero" is a Cabot commitment based on a conviction that all safety and environmental incidents are preventable. Using Drive to Zero as our guide, we continue to meet ever more challenging goals to deliver long-term sustainability in safety, health and environmental performance. This in turn contributes to our overall business success.  read more

Environmental Performance

We have incorporated environmental performance as a critical component of operational excellence and carefully monitor environmental performance events that occur atCabot Environmental Chart our facilities. We define an environmental performance event as a reportable spill or release, a Notice of Violation, or a public complaint. We are very proud that the number of environmental performance events decreased by more than 50 percent between 2006 and 2008.  read more

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